Quality Data Centre Power Supplies Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you are seeking a bespoke Power Distribution Unit or stock PDU, you will find that we understand how your requirements will determine the right power unit for your needs. With over 10 years’ experience we have built a reputation as one of Europe’s leading power solution providers.

Our ability to design & manufacture bespoke power units to our clients’ needs and within budget constraints has established Structure Source as the first stop for many leading businesses globally seeking a power solution. We meet our clients requirements, expectations and deliver globally within 7 -10 days as a standard service.

  • Basic PDU

    Basic PDU

    Standard Rack PDU’s (Power distribution units) offers a cost-effective power solution. We offer a wide range of designs from 16 to 63 Amp, Single and Three phase. Available in Horizontal and vertical.

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  • IP Monitored

    IP Monitored

    IP Power Monitored PDU (PIM – Power Inlet Monitored) solutions giving kWh, overall and per branch power metrics. Built to your specification. Available mounted horizontally and vertically.

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  • IP Switched

    IP Switched

    IP Power Managed PDU can come as either (POS – Power Outlet Switched) solution giving remote control over the individual sockets or (POMS - Power Outlet Switched and Monitored ) solution giving both switched and monitored outlets. All inputs and outputs plugs and sockets are available, plus can be for horizontal and vertical applications.

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  • Local Metered

    Local Metered

    A simple, 8-Segment LED Power Meter to give clear, reliable indication of the load on a PDU within the cabinet. Prevents technicians overloading individual units.

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  • Accessories


    Desk Power, Power Inline Monitors, Auto Transfer Switches, Power Splitting and Power Accessories

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  • IEX C13/C19 Socket

    IEX C13/C19 Socket

    The new IEX socket is a combination of sockets that allows you the full usage of the PDU, all of the time. If you change or upgrade the rack equipment and it means different input plugs, no problem. The IEX socket accepts the plugs from your servers or UPS to any outlet socket on the PDU.

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