Skiing and Unlimited Data Storage

I have just returned from a skiing holiday in the Austrian Tyrol with my sons.  It’s great being in the…


Skiing and Unlimited Data Storage


I have just returned from a skiing holiday in the Austrian Tyrol with my sons.  It’s great being in the clean mountain air. The combination of the fresh air and the focus required for chasing your 11 and 13 year olds down a black run is certainly liberating. The unbeatable combination of daily skiing, the ions in the air and a good night’s sleep (anyone who skis knows you welcome your bed after a day on the slopes). It also allows clear thinking time, or as Stephen R. Covey calls it, time to ‘Sharpen the Saw’.  This simply means time for you to gain some balance between physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual.

StructureSource - Skiing and Unlimited Data Storage

I am now back busily loading up the holiday memories onto my personal cloud storage and that got me thinking about the total amount of data storage I use? This was probably due to a clear head and also the large PDU/power project we had just completed for a Global DC company involving a large storage element.  During this project, the scale of racks and PDUs used, plus the urgency of deployment was both a challenge and an eye opener.

As an exercise, I thought I’d total up our total storage for the holiday. We took a SLR Camera, a Go Pro Camera, 3 iPhones and 2 iPad’s. In addition, we used some ski tracking apps, some ski map Apps plus a GPS tracking system in the resort. A quick tally; I believe we used 55 GB video (it was set to 4K), 2 GB on my SLR, 700 MB photos on the phones and IPAD’s, 1 GB on the Apps. Therefore, a grand total of 58.7 GB of holiday data!  I am sure, like most people, that I ‘will’ get round to editing/deleting at some point when time is available.  In reality, the photos and videos will sit on the cloud for many years to come.

I think St Anton am Arlberg has about 10,000 visitors per week during the season.  I’ll let you do the maths! It soon starts to mount up.

StructureSource - Skiing and Unlimited Data Storage

It is difficult to get the official amount of global storage used by the hyper-scalers, as they are very secretive on the numbers. Some estimated numbers are that Facebook has 400 Peta Bytes, MS at 300 Peta Bytes, AWS at around 1 Exabyte (1000 PB) and Dropbox, a minnow, at 40 PB.  The forecast for 2020 is that there will be 5,200 GB for every person on the planet, a total of 40 Zetta Bytes! That’s a lot of holiday photos!

At StructureSource we are proud that we are helping power this data revolution. However, we take our environmental commitment seriously, ensuring our products and processes ensure the lowest environmental impact.  By ensuring you have the correct, bespoke design for your application, leaving no stranded-power, low impact packaging and recycling and re-using as much as possible we hope to be your responsible power partner.

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