Basic PDU IEX C13/C19 Socket

Basic PDU IEX C13/C19 Socket

£145.00£265.00 ex. VAT

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IEX C13/C19 Socket – IP Basic PDU

The new IEX socket is a combination of IEC 320 C13 and IEC 320 C19 sockets that allows you the full usage of the PDU, all of the time. If you change or upgrade the rack equipment and it means different input plugs, no problem. The IEX socket accepts the IEC 320 C14 and IEC 320 C20 plugs from your servers or UPS to any outlet socket on the PDU.

• IEX (C13/C19) all in one combo socket makes the PDU the most

versatile, coping with any combination of C14 and C20 plugs.

• PDU cascading allows full control of upto 16 PDUs from one

Primary/Master PDU, simplifying the number of IP address required.

• Multi-colour OLED illuminated screen display offering high contrast

power usage and alarms.

• Built with overated and high-temperature grade components to

allow safe and reliably operation in hot 60º (140ºF) environments.

• Alternate branch wiring on 3phase systems helps power load


• Full outlet control for remote On/Off or a timed reboot individual

outlets or group of outlets to improve the operation uptime.

• Dual 1GB ethernet port for third party access to the PDU.

• IEX lock standard power cord retention and P-Lock and V-Lock

power cord compatibility.

SKU Input Plug Number of Sockets PriceQuantity
IEX452416AV 16A Commando24 Way £145.00 ex. VAT
IEX452416A3PV 32A Commando24 Way £160.00 ex. VAT
IEX453616A3PV 32A Commando36 Way £180.00 ex. VAT
IEXCB452432AV 32A Commando24 Way £170.00 ex. VAT
IEXCB452432A3PV 32A Commando24 Way £245.00 ex. VAT
IEXCB454232A3PV 32A Commando42 Way £265.00 ex. VAT