IP Monitored

IP Monitored

£325.00£375.00 ex. VAT

Provides Intelligent IP Power Monitoring to our PDU solutions. It provides an LCD/OLED screen to display detailed power analytics and alarms on the unit, plus Remote IP Power Monitoring over your network.

Full power metrics,  such as total Amps, Volts, kWh’s, Power Factor, Real and Apparent Power are captured and stored or shown via the simple GUI. You can look at detail on the unit overall and at each per branch circuit on higher power units. The GUI has a built in trending and graphing function, or can be exported as CSV file or Excel table.

The units also support environmental sensors for temp/humidity, leak detection, smoke and door contacts.

All the information can be shared with 3rd party programs using TCP/IP, SNMP, Modbus IP or serial communications.


SKU Input Plug Number of Sockets PriceQuantity
ENPIM4508C20H IEC C20 Plug8 Way £325.00 ex. VAT
ENPIM450816AH 16A Commando8 Way £325.00 ex. VAT
ENIECCBPIM45120432AH 32A Commando12 IEC C13 & 4 IEC C19 £335.00 ex. VAT
ENIECPIM45200416AV 16A Commando20 & 4 Way £345.00 ex. VAT
ENIECCBPIM200432AV 32A Commando20 & 4 Way £345.00 ex. VAT
ENPIM4516C20V IEC C20 Plug16 Way £330.00 ex. VAT
ENIECCBPIM45360632AV 32A Commando36 IEC C13 & 6 IEC C19 £375.00 ex. VAT