Watts and Power Factor

Single and three phase power distribution units with a local ammeter recording amps, volts, watts and power factor drawn on the overall unit. All inputs and outputs in horizontal and vertical.

Watts and Power Factor

Just checking the basic power information on installation or perhaps every 6 months, allows you to ensure that your operation is running efficiently.

Our Local Intelligent meters give a simple, low cost visual indicator. It can be added to Single or 3 phase units of any current rating. Checking VA, Watts and kWh on the LED meter gives an instant view of the power a particular cabinet or MCB is using. This allows you to see your hardest working cabinets/PDUs.

Likewise, a quick visual check of the Power Factor (PF) of a PDU, can identify a faulty or inefficient server/PSU, which could be an early warning of a problem. We often recommend to our customers’, you do not always need the additional IP infra-structure to get clear control of the power side of your business.

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